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The Miniatures Links

In a tent somewhere in the Ardennes, Colonel Marbles' and his General Staff have compiled this handy list of links for the fantasy and sci-fi miniature collector out there. Last Update 2nd of September 2007

News and Views

Sites offering latest releases and industry news or information on back-catalogues.
Archangel Games
An Australian site that seems to get interesting mini news that other places don't ! Well worth checking out. - Col.M.
Chronofus' Australian Wargames Page
A small wargames page devoted to matters Australian in the 25mm wargaming world. This sites seems to have new releases from different miniature manufacturers up for review before we're even aware of them. Good site with many pictures -W.K.
French site with lots of mini news. It's all in 'franšais' of course, but they often have scoops on French miniature ranges - WK.
Miniatures mad Mike Siggins writes some excellent articles on the state of the miniatures scene (published in Wargames Illustrated) and all his articles are archived here. A true frother! -Col.M.
His links section is excellent too, a review for every link! And if Mr Siggins says its good, thats good enough for us -Doc.
Dragon Paints Cave
An Italian site but always a good source of news, often scooping New Wave especially regarding historical and/or European lines -Col.M.
Fictional Reality
Excellent FREE Pdf downloadable mag's that froths over mini's of all colours & creed. And they are free, did I mention that? -Col. M.
Miniatures Atlas
Oh boy! A tremendous site hoping to catalogue all available mini's on the web - ambitious folly or true genius? - only time will tell, but either way we salute the attempt... -Col. M.
The Robert L. Bowling Painting Service offers up a gallery of Bob Bowling's fantastic professional output, helpfully catalogued by manufacturer. Come here for inspiration, to check out figures that don't appear on their manufacturer's website(!) or to commission the RLBPS to make your figures look like the ones in the magazines! -Doc
An excellent French fan site into Confrontation, often updated scoops of pics of new mini's. -Col.M.
Stuff of Legends
A very cool miniatures site! - Col.M.
Their stated aim is to "...list and eventually show every fantasy or science fiction miniature that has ever been released, as well as many of the ones that were never released." Frothers indeed! - Doc.
Tabletop Gaming News New!
Excellent news site with daily updates. - WK
The Miniatures Page
This premier news site is updated almost hourly - if its news in the historical or fantasy/sci-fi world, you'll find out about it here! -Col.M.
The Society of Ancients
Check in here for all the details on manufacturers of ancient and medieval historical miniatures -Doc.
The Warp
Another good general news site on all the main sci-fi and fantasy table-top miniatures systems. - Col M.
Total Model
Excellent modelling site with daily updates and news on all types of military and railroad models, wargames and tabletop miniatures and scenery. Also featuring reviews, hobby articles and company profiles. They even have a forum. It's scarily like an idealised version of frothersunite, but without the chaos and insanity. On second thought, I'm not sure we want you to go there... - WK


The people who make the figures ! Now organised alphabetically !!

A & A Miniatures
Small Northern Irish historical mini maker. Current range includes some excellent Sassanids, Samnites and Celts. Highly recommended ! - Col. M
Abandoned Mind Games 
A small range of VSF and pulp themed 28-30mm figures. - WK
Company producing a small range of pewter fantasy miniatures. A little Rackhamesque ? - Col. M
Small German Company producing a small range of promising fantasy miniatures. - Col. M
Alpha Forge Games New!
Producing a cool scifi-range of Aliens called Hydrissians. -WK
Alternative Armies
Makers of the Flintloque game, with a new fantasy game & figure range called 'Maelstrome' coming soon. - Col. M
Quality varies, but the Erin range is pretty good for Celtic myth stuff. -Doc
This UK company is now selling old Grenadier/Nemo figures ! Get 'em while you can. Also taking over the early Dixon lines, as well as QT, Garrison and Pendragon gives Amazon a large back-catalogue (over 3000 minis) of fantasy and historical figs. They're working on new lines while the website tries desparately to keep up! -Doc
Andrea Miniatures
Spanish manufacturer of mostly large scale miniatures, now producing 30mm Romans and a Camelot range (3D Miniatures). Nice miniatures, but actual sizes may vary within the ranges. -W.K.
Anglian Miniatures
The chosen period for their first range is The Spanish Civil War, although you may find other uses for the range (Pulp, WW2 partisans, ...) - WK.
Anima Tactics New!
French company making a range of highly detailed anime inspired fantasy figures for the collector - WK
UK company with a frankly odd line in sci-fi figures - think Spartans with lasers. - Col. M

Nice German fantasy mini maker - some figs are quite good but some are poor IMHO -Col.M.
They are available through Hobby Products, with bigger pictures.- WK

Artizan Designs
Relatively new company by sculptor Mike Owen, concentrating on historical miniatures with some really nice Medieval Moors, Dark Age Vikings, WW2, Wild West, .... - WK
Now also making a "Thrilling Tales" WW2 Pulp range - WK
Askari Miniatures
New range of quality 28mm figures for skirmish, semi-historical, role playing and Colonial period games.- WK
Another interesting German fantasy mini maker - more into one-off sculpts than rank and file troops -Col.M.

The Assault Group
Aka TAG. Ranges including ultra-modern gaming miniatures, dirtiest Africa, WWII Pacific, 12th-13th century samurai, Chinese, Aztecs, Renaissance Poles, Cossacks, TYW,... Lots more in the pipeline. - WK

Avatars Of War New!
Felix Paniagua of GW fame now has his own range of high quality 28mm fantasy miniatures -WK

Baker Company
Manufacturers of 25mm Vietnam, WW2 and Zulu Wars figures. -WK

One of the first manufacturers of 25mm WWII miniatures, their range is still one of the most comprehensive available to this day -WK

New minimaker producing historical figures. The first release is Persians. - WK
BC Miniatures New!
A brand new range of Chinese 28mm Fantasy. The figures are a bit chunky (which incidentally seems to be the case with the majority of historical ranges for that period and era, so might be voluntary) but ooze character. - WK
Bear's Den Miniatures
Aztecs, conquistadores and centaurs from this manufacturer. Rumour goes they're a bit rough compared to current standards. - WK
Bend Sinister
A new range of 28mm miniatures. First release is the DBA general. - WK
This range is now sold through Bolt Action Miniatures - WK
Bobby Jackson and the Virtual Armchair General present a range of Gangs of New York era figures. - WK
Bicorne Miniatures
Manufacturer of 25mm historical miniatures, mainly Napoleonics, ACW, Colonials and war artists. They also stock the Connoisseur and Firing Line Miniatures ranges. - WK
Black Cat Bases New!
British company releasing a quickly expanding fantasy pirate range called "Pirates of the Skeleton Seas" in the heroic 28mm (read 31mm) scale as well as some assorted figures like cats and Bettie Page... - WK
Black Hat
UK Manufacturer who has picked up the Gladiator Games range, as well as the Crusader Superhero, Centaur and Goblin ranges. New goblins are sculpted by Kev "The Goblinmeister" Adams"! - WK
Black Scorpion
A new company making a splendid range of highly original figures that are hard to classify (Desolation Row) as well as some contemporary US and Iraqi troops. One to watch - WK
Black Tree Design
Formerly Harlequin, formerly Icon, UK mini maker with a massive range of some good, some poor historical & fantasy figs. Recommend the Zulu Wars range in particular and they do some good Skaven/Ver'men -Col.M.
Blue Moon Manufacturing New!
Blue Moon Manufacturing is an exciting new range covering the Pulp and Horror Genre and so much more through 28mm boxed sets. From the people who brought you the Chaos in Cairo rules.
Bolt Action Miniatures 
Brand new company making 28mm white metal miniatures for WW2 wargaming. Of course, nothing prevents you from using them in a scifi/horror scenario. See our review of them here. -W.K.
Now also producing an occasional range of Alternative World War II characters- WK
Brigade Games
U.S. manufacturer of 28mm Victorian age and WWI historical figures as well as Circus World, Carribean Empires, steampunk American Civil War "Gaslight", pulp adventurers and WWII pulp horror ranges. -W.K.
Historical WWII and Musketeers ranges... - WK
Brigade Models
UK based company that has picked up the Celtos range, formerly produced by I-Kore -W.K.
Britannia Miniatures
Another purely historical figure company. Mostly 19th-20th c. stuff, but some ancients and dark ages. -W.K.
Website appears to be dead - WK
Bronze Age
Minimaker offering 25mm & 54mm scifi, fantasy and historical minis. Now in pewter! - WK
New! The Dead Earth range is great for "John Carter of Mars" type games. - WK
Brooks Miniatures
Range of 28mm modern figures including British, Afghans, and generic Eastern European military. - WK
UK manufacturer of some of the best wargame figures around. Currently they're concentrating on Prussian Napoleonics (and being very thorough). The link is to their US distributor. - WK
Cannon Fodder
Another Australian company making 28mm figures for the Alamo and Texas war of independance, as well as pulp era figures including Yangpat-Yangtze river patrol, American marines (1919-1930) and Anglo-Irish conflicts (1916-1923). - WK
French company making a small "Fontenoy Ó Culloden" range. - WK
Castaway Arts
Australian minimaker specialising in 28mm miniatures for Ancients and 19th century - WK
Chiltern Miniatures
Excellent manufacturer of 28mm Modern, Sci-fi, WW2, Vietnam, Victorian horror and Mythology miniatures. Egyptian gods and priest(esse)s are on the way. - WK
They now seem to be producing the former Whitecross Games historical miniatures -WK
Cold War Miniatures
Finally this company has its own website. They make a great range of high quality modern civilian zombies (The Dead Will Walk) and a small Vietnam range (Delta Bound). - WK
Confrontation (Rackham)
Finally France's stunning miniature maker gets its own website. Simply the best ? -Col. M.
Conquest Miniatures
A new company offering a 28mm range of Native Americans, called "500 nations". They plan to produce numerous packs of miniatures representing Indians from the discovery of the 'New Land' all the way to the present day. The first ones are Woodland Indians (mid to late 18th century). - WK
Also making Pygmie zombies! - WK
Copplestone Castings
Mark Copplestone's own line of mini's - excellent as always. Sci-fi 'Future Wars' range, Fantasy Halflings and Wizards and of course Return To Darkest Africa! A new 'Back Of Beyond' range due soon. -Col. M.

Corvus Belli
Spanish company that has just started producing 28mm historical mini's - first up is a 'War Of The Roses' range. -Col. M.
Now produced by Crusader Miniatures. - WK

Mini maker with a line based on a fantasy Ancient Egypt setting - some fabulous & very different figs here. They are planning to give Ancient Greece the same treatment next!-Col. M
Crunch Waffle New!
A small range of fantasy figures for the collector - WK
Another Foundry sculpter refugee (Mark Sims) sets up on his own - producing great historical and innovative fantasy pirate Orc and Dwarf ranges. -Col.M
New! Now available from Old Glory in the US - WK
Curteys Miniatures
Makes 28mm Sung Dynasty Chinese 10th/13th Cent AD, Mongol conquest 13th Cent AD, The "Terracotta Army" of Chin (Qin) China 4th/2nd Cent BC and Early Han Chinese 3rd/1st Cent BC. - WK
"Bringing you the dark and violent world of Brom's creation in a premier skirmish miniatures game." Sounds super promising ! -Col.M
Dark Forest Miniatures
Small range of 30mm fantasy figures. Website has been dead for some time now - WK
Darkson Designs 
Presenting a finely crafted range of post-WW2 pulp figures. These would work very well in a hard scifi setting as well - WK
Dark Sword
"Extremely detailed miniatures for both miniature collectors and gamers alike". Their first range is inspired by Larry Elmore's artwork. -Col.M
A way-old manufacturer whose nice Dwarf and Undead figures are still available at a very reasonable price. They do some rather iffy Sci-fi and Fantasy adventurers too. -Col.M.
Another really old manufacturer whose figures have never been that great, but the new Viking range is a lot better and there is a lot of promise for the future. -Col.M.
USA based company making all sorts of weird minis in the fantasy, space pulp and science fiction genre. -WK
Dragonblood Miniatures 
US-based manufacturer of a select line of 30mm heroic scale metal figurines based upon artwork by Eric Louchard. Some of the figures have interlocking bases to make small battlescenes or dioramas. Looking good! - WK
Spanish mini maker in a very GW-style doing some truly excellent figures - so far Orcs and Ogres. Latest news is they are going out of business ! Buy 'em while you can !! -Col.M.
They are now being re-released by The Tin Dictator -WK
new Italian company making a range of generic fantasy figures. - WK
Easternfront Studios
A new player in the market with two new miniature lines: the Dungeon Crawl fantasy figures and Fathoms Deep nautical fantasy. - WK
East Riding Miniatures
A UK company making a small range of 28mm sf figures called "22nd Century Corporate World" - WK
Now entering a joined venture with Jim Bowen to produce a range of 28mm Alternative WW2. Nazi zombies!!! - WK
Ebob Miniatures 
Homegrown sculptor Ebob launches his own line of miniatures, with Outpost 31 (Antarctic explorers) and Stalag Luft III & Iron Cross WWII ranges. All miniatures are 'true' 28mm's. A new fantasy range is now available! - WK
Elite Miniatures 
UK-based manufacturer of 28mm pewter historical miniatures, currently producing Ancients, SYW, Napoleonics and ACW miniatures. - WK
Ellerburn Armies
Making 28mm historical and fantasy figures. - WK
UK company which is now producing the excellent old Grenadier range of miniatures. -Col.M.
Enigma Miniatures New!
A small range of high quality fantasy miniatures for the collector in the 30-35mm scale. - WK
Esperia Editrice is an Italian manufacturer producing some nice historical Lombards and Franks as well as a (not very good) new range of fantasy Orcs -Col.M.
Essex Miniatures
A large range of minis, from fantasy to WWII. Be warned that Essex are are passing some terrible lumps of misshapen lead as saleable miniatures, particularly in the older (10 years+) fantasy ranges. Pics are scarce on the website, so view before you buy, but the newer ranges (Dark Ages) deserve a look. -Doc
Eureka Miniatures
Good quality Australian historical, fantasy & Sci-fi figs. The range is ecclectic to say the least, with fezzed winged monkeys, pennyfarthing colonial British, seven year wars teddy bear picnics, and many more... -W.K.
German fantasy & Sci-fi figs. Better in the flesh than in the poorly painted examples online I find. Their stall was mobbed at Salute last year... -Col. M
New site for the company that now owns the 'Chronopia' & 'Mutant Chronicles' lines - many new minis are promised ! One to watch... -Col. M.
This company went out of business and the ranges were sold - WK
Falcon Figures
This company offers 25mm American Revolution, French and Indian Wars, Napoleonics and our popular 'Wellington in India' range, ACW and the Russo/Japanese War and also a new range of 'Conan' inspired fantasy figures called "Empires of the Sun".- WK
French manufacturer of resin fantasy and scifi minis. Lots of different styles. - WK
The Figure Trader 
This company is releasing a new line of generic fantasy figures under the name "DK MIniatures". - WK
1st Corps
Historical mini company that do some nice ancients -Col. M.
They have a brand new website! Now inlcuding a range of science fiction miniatures. -WK
These guys do a small range of pewter fantasy figures. -Col.M.
The news page of the UK fantasy/historical miniature maker - nice figures, shame about the price... -Col.M.
Damn their consistently high standard of design and manufacturing! -Doc
Freebooter Miniatures
A new German sculpter, Werner Klocke, doing a small range of excellent fantasy figures.- Col. M.
From Beyond
New range of models from the hands of the talented Kevin Adams (famous for his orcs and gobbos). The first release is a limited edition Goblin Court, while scarecrows and scary toys are waiting to follow suit. - WK
Front Rank
Great quality, low priced UK historical miniature maker. Really good 'War Of The Roses' range. -Col.M.
Their new, fully illustrated website looks great! - WK
Frothers Unite! UK
Largely insane but fascinating miniatures and wargaming resource, selling an excellent Orc figure named 'Dave' and now releasing Colonel Marbles himself (in 25mm)!- WK
Games Workshop 
Little known manufacturer of a modest range of fantasy and sf miniatures. - WK
Gamezone Miniatures 
New Spanish company making excellent generic fantasy miniatures. Spanish renaissance humans, chaos, undead, elves, dwarves, amazones,... One to watch. - WK
Garrison Wargame Figures New!
Bringing back many of the original Garrison ranges, as well other ranges collected over the years such as Admins, SKT and Rose Prestige. - WK
Ghastly & Company
New company making some roman zombies with more madness programmed. The figures are for sale at Historifigs. - WK
Gladiator Games 
This company recently started producing 25mm miniatures. Currently focussing on historical minis. Some are a bit poor, but they seem to be getting better. - WK
Graven Images
Jim Bowen's personal company producing the occult horror Disturbia & Gotterdamerung ranges, the scifi and fantasy cinema Cliffhanger range and historical Fall of the Roman Empire and Border Reivers miniatures. Distributed by Monolith. Weird stuff, but in a very good way. - WK
Fantastic fantasy (Leviathon) and Sci-fi (Kryomek) mini's produced in metal and resin by this Scottish Coy.
War machines, monsters and 'Aliens' are excellent -Col.M.
Griffin Miniatures
Manufacturer of 28mm scifi, Crusader and Hun ranges so far - WK
Grimey Games
New company making 28mm figures of Grimey's, being tiny creatures which live on us humans and use bodily waste as weapons. Er... I'm not kidding - WK

Gripping Beast
Great historical figures manufacturer well up their with Foundry. Norse, Sassanids, Saxons etc can all be used in fantasy armies too with a little imagination. Crusaders are next in line. This link is to a great fansite -Col.M.
Also distributing Mo-Fo Miniatures: wargames miniatures for the period covering 1980 to the present day. All miniatures are 28mm and cast in pewter.-WK

Ground Zero Games 
UK manufacturer of 25mm Stargrunt sci-fi, anime, fantasy and miscellaneous figures. -WK
Guardians of Order 
RPG company making some superhero type figures for their Silver Age Sentinels setting. Fans of the Matrix or Underworld should check out the Alice, Queen of Hearts mini. -WK
Hasslefree Miniatures 
Kev White launches his own range of fantasy miniatures and starts with some larger than life ogres and exceptional female warriors. Good stuff! - WK
Hell Dorado New!
French miniatures game about conquistadores in hell with some beautifully crafted miniatures - WK
Superb UK mini-maker from an ex-GW employee - lots of good personality figures including a great Minotaur! -Col.M.
Hasbro game featuring prepainted plastic fantasy and sf miniatures! Could be used to bulk out an army if you can get over the prepainted plastic aversion. At least they're not randomly packaged... - WK
Hetzerdog Miniatures
A new company producing the 28mm post-apocalyptic Babylon's Burning and historical Irish Rebellion of 1798 ranges. - WK
Homegrown Miniatures
This company makes some ACW and some 1910-1930 Banana warfigures. - WK
Honorable Lead Boiler Suit Company
Producers of some incredible miniatures, specialising in prehistorics, colonials and 19th-20th c. minis. Funny site too, though pics are in short supply... try RLBPS (above) to see the figs -Doc
Hundred Kingdoms
Barmy new range of miniatures featuring giant cats, apes, insects and, for some reason, Samurai. Bonkers. - Col. M.
Impact Miniatures
Manufacturer of fantasy football minis. They have also resurrected the Phigs Miniatures range - WK
French fantasy mini-maker I know very little about I'm afraid. -Col. M.
The game is called "Le Retour des Dieux" and many more figures, including elves, are on the way. They have a new distributor -W.K.
Irregular Miniatures
One of the older UK-based companies, making figures in different scales. - WK
Jeff Valent Studios
A small range of miniatures and vignettes, some great, some less so, including a cave(wo)men range. Currently producing figures for Pinnacle's "Deadlands: The Great Rail Wars". -W.K.
Joker Miniatures
German one-man project offering a very small range of fantasy miniatures. The female demon is excellent! - WK
Not the greatest mini's here but they do some cracking pygmies! -Col.M.
Killer B Games New!
A new range of Pulp science fiction miniatures, fully compatible with Wargames Supply Dump 's Dick Garrison range- WK
Kingsford Miniatures
The beginning of what will be a very respectable range by frother Sturmpioneer: Woodland Indians and Samurai (1550-1615) - WK
Knuckleduster Publications
A small but characterful range of 28mm Old West civilans and casulaties - WK
Kriegspiel Miniatures
A new Australian range of 25mm miniatures for wargamers and collectors. The first release is a set of 20 modern Australians and a companion set of 10 "Musorians", the fictional Australian training OpFory. -WK
US-based scifi range, with humans in powerarmour or uniform, aliens, more aliens, mech units and futuristic vehicles. Worth giving a look. -WK
Lance & Laser
Company making fantasy and scifi minis. The 'Quactica' range of antropomorphic figures looks quite amusing. - WK
Little Lead Soldiers
Prepainted 'toy-like' 25mm and 30mm little soldiers,including James Bond and Sherlock Holmes ranges - WK
The London Warroom
US-based comapny with ties to the UK, producing various historical ranges and the unusual but excellent Parroom Station range of sci-fi steampunk Victoriana type figures if you get my drift. Well worth checking out! They also have a "Heroes of Nippon" samurai era line. -WK

A new Aussie manufacturer doing a tremendous range of fantasy stone age amazonian types. Great stuff! -Col.M
They're now launching a new range of feral elves. Read our review of them here -WK

Magnificent Egos
Brand new Texan company whose aim is to supply limited edition miniatures for fantasy collectors, based on the artwork of Jason Engle. These are slightly larger, 35mm figures -WK
New! Planning to rerelease the former AEG Legend of the Five Rings (Clan War) range - WK

A small and eclectic range of mainly resin figures, including a nice Mammoth and some warrior monks. A bit different anyway -Col.M
They have a new website! - WK

Mark Fenlon Miniatures
A growing range of affordable 28mm American Civil War miniatures. -WK
Mars Ultor
New Spanish company making a quite impressive 'pure' fantasy range. Some real gems to be found and definitely one to watch! -WK
German outfit producing a small range of cracking personality figures -Col.M.
Matador Models 
British company launching a range of resin seacreatures and monsters, called 'Anaconda'. - WK
New company producing an 'alternative' fantasy game "S.P.Q.oRc" with Roman orcs and halfing hardmen. Warning, the figures are big, with the halfings being 28mm tall. -WK
Mega Miniatures
Fantasy townfolk, stock & gallows, furniture and other much needed accessories from this company. -WK
Metal Magic
An old '80's German range of figs resurrected recently by Dark Ages Miniatures. Some aren't too bad - the monsters and halflings are cool! -Col.M.
Dark Ages regularly (re)release more new and old minis. - WK
Metal Maniacs
A UK company doing a small range of quality horror figures. -Col.M.
A new Italian company from the people behind ManorHouse Workshop. They produce a range of high quality historically accurate figures in the 40mm scale. - WK
UK manufacturer of 25mm historical ranges (ancients, medieval, renaissance, pike & shot, Napoleonic, ACW and colonial). - WK

Another Italian minimaker producing 25mm fantasy and historical figures, inlcuding lots of civilians. The UK distributor is Vexillia, MirlitonUSA for the US. - WK

Original Manufacturer of a nice range of Tolkien LOTR figures - Col.M.
MJ Figures
Small company making 15mm, 20mm and 28mm figures.Used to make 'Spacegaet' figures. - WK
Molniya Miniatures
New company bringing 25-28mm miniatures with a focus on the uncommon. First line is the Qin / Ch'in Chinese. - WK
Monday Knight Productions
US manufacturer of 25mm historical miniatures including Aztecs and Conquistadores, French Foreign Legion, Mexican Revolutions, Banana Wars and Desperado (Old West) miniatures. - WK
Mongoose Publishing
This publisher of RPG's is launching in the miniature business with the upcoming release of 30mm Starship Troopers and Judge Dredd ranges. They also have a 15mm Fantasy range. - WK
Mongrel Miniatures
New company making figures to cover the period of history known as the Cold War, starting with some Soviet military figures. - WK
Moonlight Miniatures
Brand new company making characterful skeletal pirates and Indy-style adventurers. The figures are 34mm to top of head (so should be about 31mm scale).- WK
Now also Moonlight28s: a 28mm scale range of skeletal pirates - WK
Morgan Keith Studios New!
Small range of fantasy/steampunk/scifi miniatures - WK
M.S.B. Toys
Making an ecclectic range of 28mm fantasy and sf figures.- WK
Mystic Spirals
A small range of 28mm fantasy and near-future figures.- WK
Navigator Miniatures
This is a great source of Romans and other ancients - they did send me a free sample and their catalogue is very good - the site doesn't do their miniatures justice though - bAz
Newbold World
A UK manufacturer designing a range of figures for a world of their own creation - first indications are mixed, but well worth checking out!! -Col. M.
Learn more about these unusual miniatures in our Newbold World Miniatures Review! - WK
Newline Designs
My favourite supplier of budget historicals, Newline's figs are cheap enough to fill out the ranks of your army, but cool enough to stand alongside your Gripping Beasts and Foundry figs. -Doc

Obelisk Miniatures
A new company launching a post apocalyptic Sf range with mounted rats, a modern ragen with contemporary gangers (US) and a Darkest Africa Fantasy range with baboons, amazones, Baluchi and camel-mounted Tuareg Zombies. All in Gods own 28mm - WK

Okko New!
Based on the famous French comic, Okko is a samourai demon boardgame with some exquisite miniatures - WK

Old Glory
Old Glory have an enormous range of historical figures and a fair few fantasy figs. They only sell in bags of 30, but for most ranges represent the best value figures on you can get. -Doc
Available in Europe through Old Glory UK. - WK
New! Now supplying Crusader Miniatures in the US as CrusaderminiaturesUSA - WK

Olley's Armies
Another sculptor goes solo as Bob Olley starts his own range. Dwarves are out and there are many preview greens on the site. - WK
Otherworld Miniatures New!
British manufacturer of a growing fantasy range including giants & demons by Paul Muller and pigfaced orcs by Kev Adams. - WK
Outcast Miniatures
New UK-based company, with a small range of 28mm fantasy and scifi figures. A 15mm fantasy line is also in the pipeline. - WK
Outpost Wargame Services
Brit manufacturer of 28mm Napoleonic, Border Reivers, Mexican Revolution and Highwaymen miniatures and 25mm Ancients. - WK
Parkfield Miniatures
Manufacturer of 25mm historical wargame miniatures for French-Indian Wars, AWI, Italian Wars, Glorious Revolution, Napoleonics, ACW, etc... - WK
Pegasus Hobbies
Company making a small range of (decent) prepainted fantasy figures. - WK
Famous for their small scale miniatures, this UK company also makes a range of 28mm Elizabethans. - WK
Perry Miniatures
The Perry twins represent a kind of gold standard in mini sculpting. Their new Samurai range is just itching to be used in a fantasy style Army of Nippon ! Crusaders are upcoming apparently -Col. M.
Pig Iron Productions
Manufacturerof 28mm hard scifi infantry figures and armour. - WK
Pinnacle Enterprises
Maker of Deadlands, Savage Worlds and Weird Wars to name a few. Miniatures for Geat Rail Wars and 50 Fathoms. - WK
Prince August New!
They not only sell a range of moulds to cast your own figures, but now also carry Excelsior's Warzone and Chronopia ranges - WK
Project X
A brand new range of highly detailed 1/48th scale (36mm) pewter figures set in a secret history of World War Two. - WK
Pulp Figures
Astounding Amazing Miniatures by Bob Murch, the two fisted sculptor of choice for manly adventure gamers around the globe. Well that's what he says anyway, and I'm not inclined to disagree.. -Col. M.
Another company that's been around for ages. Some of there stuff is great, some looks dated. They have a new website. -W.K.
Ral Partha Europe
Mini-maker with their own cool 'Fantasy Armies' line, as well as the old FASA fantasy (Crucible) and sci-fi (VOR) lines of figures. The site lacks pics, but the figures are well worth checking out -Col.M.
Also see Iron Wind Metals if you're in the U.S. -W.K.

Rattrap Productions New!
Manufacturer of, among others, the .45 Adventure and Gloire rules,now producing a range of 28mm pulp figures - WK

Raven's Forge Miniatures Company
Produces some old style fantasy miniatures, a small nearfuture range (Morrow Project) and a line of Egyptian fantasy and mythology figures (the gods are particularly nice). - WK

Great Yank mini maker - they are doing some tremendous stuff at the moment - however I think they are more for collectors and RPG'ers than wargamers. -Col.M.

Rebel Minis
Modern 28mm figures from this new company - WK

Redoubt Enterprises
Another manufacturer of historical minis. Some are poor, others are good. Catalog could be better ilustrated -WK
Regiment Games
After creating an excellent range of 18mm VSF, Regiment Games moves into 28mm with a "Hey, that looks like..." range of 28mm figures. - WK
Excellent new historical UK mini maker - they do some nice Celts -Col.M.
Runic Miniatures 
New range of fantasy, sf and steampunk figures - WK
Sash and Saber Castings 
US manufacturer of excellent 25mm & 40mm ranges of the "horse and musket" era. If you're into SYW, Napoleonics or ACW, this might be for you. - WK
UK based company producing loads of scenery, ships and a 28mm range of VSF miniatures and vehicles. - WK
Small range of 30mm pirate figures from Québec sculptor rené Durand. The Pirate Cap'tain Gob is excellent. - WK
This Australian manufacturer only makes female figures for some reason- but what great figures..! All sorts of sci-fi and fantasy figs to mix into your units for more colour and variety, and a couple of cracking Gridiron teams that'll do great for Blood Bowl! -Doc
Spinespur Miniatures  New!
A small range of post-apocalyptic horror figures! -W.K.
Spyglass Miniatures 
A small but stunning range of fantasy miniatures by sculptor Steve Buddle. Spyglass now has its own website so go check it out. That's an order, private! -W.K.
Steve Barber Models
Manufacturer of 10mm, 15mm, 25mm and 42mm ranges with historical and fantasy themes. -W.K.
Now making a 28mm Napoleonic range - WK
Strategia e tattica
Italian company making a 25mm colonial range and 28mm RSI, WW2 and medieval ranges. If you're looking for Italian themed figures in these periods, this is your best bet. - WK
Taban Miniatures
New small French company making fantasy character figures. -W.K.
Tactical Miniatures
New company making near future and scifi miniatures. First out are some SWAT style CQB figures and high-tech criminals. -W.K.
Team Frog Studios
Where snowmen, elves and penguins battle it out with heavy fire arms in "Christmas Wars", stout individuals stalk their prey in "Vampire Hunter$" or small rodents wage war in "Critter Commandos". -W.K.
Russian company making a range of plastic 35mm SF warriors and some pretty interesting war machines, be they stationary, riding, walking or flying. They also have a fantasy range of which I don't know the scale yet. -W.K.

Nice new Italian historical maker doing a cool line in figs for the 'Northern Crusades' - excellent for fantasy 'Men/Empire/Brettonian/Averaign' type armies -Col.M.
After a long silence, another company has picked up the range and is producing these excellent figures again. - WK

Thomarillion New!
German manufacturer of some beautiful terrain and a small number of siege engines and miniatures -W.K.
Thunderbolt Mountain
Currently making some Wood elves, Goblins, High Elves and Humans that need to be seen to be believed -W.K.

TIN's Bits New!
Small German range of high quality models and conversion bits - WK

TQD Castings
New 30mm alternative WWII range. A nice addition to WWII pulp and WWII horror. - WK

Urban Mammoth
Formerly I-Kore. Makers of the VOID and Urban War sci-fi minis. - WK

Velard Miniatures New!
Russian company making some excellent Napoleonic dwarves/halflings. Also making fantasy dwarves - WK

Mini maker from the same people behind 'Gripping Beast'. The Norse Dwarfs are superb and the Goblins are not far behind. Ancient Greeks and Persians released. Good prices too. -Col.M.
Recent releases include Orcs, Border Reivers and fantasy human ranges. - WK

Verlinden Productions 
Manufacturer of large scale minis, including some fantasy models in 120mm or more. Think 'giants'. - WK
Victory Force Miniatures 
VFM produces WWII figures for collecting and tabletop wargaming, scale 28-30mm comparable. - WK
New! Now also producing a near-future scifi-range "SuburbaKnights", "Victoryrobots" and an anime themed sf-range "JC Figures - WK
The Viking Forge 
Now making the old 25mm Asgard fantasy range. - WK
War Crow
Excellent fantasy figs from the makers of the 'Corvus Belli' historical figures -Col.M.
New! Now also producing "Infinity", an anime inspired sci-fi range - WK
Wargames Supply Dump
Makes the excellent (growing) "Dick Garrison" range. Fantastic Flash Gordon style pulp sf figures. - WK
War Machine (Privateer Press)
Privateer Press' range of fantasy minis set ina world where battling Steampunk 'bots are common place - WK
Warmacre Forge 
The miniatures arm of the company that makes the Hour of Glory game. For WW2 purposes only.- WK
Warrior Miniatures 
Oldtimer manufacturer of fantasy and historicals. Many of the ranges look dated, but you can't beat the price. - WK

Wessex Games
Making 30mm fantasy WWII figures for the Panzerfaüste game. Also working on a new WWII pulp horror range. - WK

West Wind Productions
Gothic Horror, Superfigs, Cobalt Sci-fi, Cowboy Wars, Samurai Wars, Gladiator Wars and a new fantasy 'Dwarf Wars' range of figures are all made by this cool manufacturer. -Col. M.
They are now working with Pinnacle to produce miniatures for the 50 Fathoms setting for Savage Worlds. - WK
New! Now introducing the Separate Head System, where the figures come with interchangeable heads for maximum variety. So far: WW2, Dark Ages, Samurai and Secrets of the Third Reich (alternative WW2) - WK

What The?! Miniatures New!
Small American company dedicated to making high-quality 34mm wargaming miniatures, focusing on historically accurate minis, prototype weapons/equipment, and weird WWII subjects -WK
Wizards of the Coast
Producing the randomly packaged pre-painted plastic D&D and Star Wars miniatures. Also used to produce the discontinued Chainmail range. -WK
Wizkids Games
WizKids makes randomly packaged pre-painted plastic collectable miniature games including Mage Knight, MechWarrior and HeroClix. -WK
Wyrd Miniatures  New!
Small range of high quality 32mm fantasy, horror and steampunk figures. -WK
Xyston Miniatures 
Famous for 15mm ancients, they are about to release a 28mm historical personalities range. -WK
Zenit Miniatures New!
Spanish company making a small range of 33mm miniatures for the collector -WK
Ziterdes Miniatures New!
German range of fantasy miniatures with a bunch of drinking dwarfs, big treemen and some very good skeletal pirates -WK
A new company in the minibusiness, making... zombies! The first few offerings were poor, but the new stuff seems to be getting much better. -WK
Russian company making plastic minis. Zvezda recently moved into the realm of 28mm multipart plastic fantasy regiments. Good stuff, lots of small pieces to glue together. -WK


If we missed out your favourite miniatures links, or theres a manufacturer we should be featuring, why not let us know? E-mail the Colonel's Command Crew or post it up on the Miniatures Forum....

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